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Entry #477: How will Torch behave after upgrading to CP15?

How will Torch behave after upgrading to CP15?
There was a change in the ALOG format from CP14 to CP15 that
does have an impact on

We've tested the Torch run across ALOG cycles that span the
upgrade from CP14 to CP15.
Torch will not successfully run after the upgrade unless the
CP14 cycles are removed,
and also the bridge/spare cycle created at the time of the
upgrade. That is, as long as
it starts with a CP14 cycle, it will fail when it reaches a
non-CP14 cycle.

You can use the TORCH.CYCLE-INFO utility to see cycles from
before and after the
upgrade. For instance, these are some sample cycles:

CYCLE-INFO 4R7EQ1 (140807 1119:50) 2014-08-08 10:06:51 CDT
Enter file name (or just return for ASCII Log File):
rel abs Audit Trail # of
fcycle fcycle creation date/time tracks
0 60 23:16:08 on Aug 3, 2014 20000
-1 59 12:29:52 on Aug 3, 2014 20000
-2 58 12:29:52 on Aug 3, 2014 1 <--
date is wrong, we will update.
-3 57 12:14:39 on Aug 3, 2014 25000
-4 56 12:14:38 on Aug 3, 2014 25000

In this case, cycles 56 and 57 were CP14 cycles. Cycle 58 is
the “bridge” cycle. It is
not completely empty as the OS writes a block of data (with
a specific pattern) when it
initially assigns it to make sure it is writable, but there
are no records for Torch to
process. Cycles 59 and 60 are CP15 cycles.

You can force Torch start processing at a specific cycle,
and force the CP15 cycles to
be merged until the CP14 cycles have aged off the system.

If you only want to run the Torch process once per day, you
will need to remove the
CP14 and bridge cycles after Torch runs once. That is:

Day 1: Upgrade to CP15.
Day 2: Torch runs at about 6:00 am. CP14 cycles will be
merged; processing will stop at
the bridge cycle.
Day 2: Back up and remove CP14 cycles, and also the bridge
Day 3: Torch runs at about 6:00 am. All CP15 cycles from Day
1 and Day 2 will be
processed and merged.

Please let us know if more detail is required.
Torch processing for ALOG cycles stops at new cycles produced
Upgrade to CP15.