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Entry #462: What are the firewall rules for EDM/EAV communications?

What are the firewall rules for EDM/EAV communications?
In order for the Sightline software to work properly, the two communication sessions defined in FAQ 2. must be allowed. In the example above, firewall rules would be required to allow:

1. EAV must be allowed inbound access to PA via 1645.
2. PA must be allowed to outbound access to EAV.

The Sightline software provides several options to make these rules even more specific. First, the port which EA/V or EDM use when making the initial request can be defined. This is controlled via the "Request Port Range" setting. The "Callback Port" specified in "2." Can also be specified using the "Callback Port Range" settings. Finally, the "Random High Port" can be specified via the -f option in the connection settings. The combination of settings above give administrators the flexibility to control and tailor the firewall rules to their needs.