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Entry #442: How many ports need to be configured for call-back?

How many ports need to be configured for call-back?
The original question was presented by a site prepared to monitor approximately 80 servers from one instance of EA/V. What is the recommended port range in terms of performance?

You could actually do this with one call-back port, but we recommend a range of perhaps 2 to 4 ports.

The real impact is how long it would take to establish (or re-establish) the 80 connections in the event that EA/V or the network goes down for some reason and all 80 connections have to be re-established at the same time. For instance, this happens if you reboot the EA/V server.

EA/V uses the ports in a round-robin fashion when it does this. For instance, if you have a range of 4 ports, then EA/V will call out to four addresses (Power Agent connections), and eventually each one will call back and establish a live data transfer. At that time, the port becomes available for EA/V to use again to call out to another server/Power Agent/connection. Eventually, EA/V will be able to connect to all of the 80 systems.

Each one will have a unique combination of EAVhostname:portnumber-to-ServerHostname:portnumber.