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Entry #361: Plots in saved environment use wrong vtf file

Plots in saved environment use wrong vtf file
The automatic loading of these "mixed tracefile" environments should be done by specifying the environment files in a startup configuration file. SightLine EA/V offers the ability to specify one or more filenames at its startup commandline. This is referred to as the SightLine EA/V Call Line. The filename can be any of the SightLine valid files, e.g. tracefile, environment file, tracefile manager file, etc.

As an alternative, you can create a text file containing a list of files that you want to load, and reference that text file by placing the "@" character immediately in front of its filename. For example:
1. Create a file, SLSTART.CFG in the SightLine EA/V installation directory
2. Specify the filenames of your environments, 1 file per line
3. Edit the EA/V startup command (from the Windows Start menu or the desktop shortcut icon) to include the startup configuration file:
"C:\Program Files\FORTEL SightLine\Expert Advisor Vision\eav.exe" @slstart.cfg

For further details, please see the "Call Line" Appendix in the "SightLine Expert Advisor/Vision User's Guide."
Lately we have received several calls from customers, dealing with a same type of problem, demonstrated by the following example:

In an environment file we're using plots in 3 pages, daily, weekly and monthly.
The daily plots use data from the live .vtf file and weekly/monthly use the same data from the history .vsq file.

When the environment file is automatically opened as the network host session is opened, all the plots in the weekly/monthly pages are using data from the live .vtf file instead of the history .vsq file.

When closing the environment and opening it again, all the plots are using the right files.
By specifying an environment to autoload at connection startup, SightLine EA/V will "force" the environment to load into the tracefile system that is specified with the connection. Therefore we advise you to avoid the autoload specification of an environment that contains plots build from other tracefiles than the connection's tracefile.