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Entry #354: How to start SA/V 1.6 in debug

How to start SA/V 1.6 in debug
In order to start the sav server in debug mode,

- browse to the "config" directory
- open up the "Startup.ini" file and
- change the line "DebugMode=0" to "DebugMode=1" and
- restart the SA/V server.

The second way is using the GUI

- open the SA/V GUI.
- Click the "Setup" button in the "Home" menu. It will open up the configuration menu
- in that click the "server" button it will open up a window.
- In that window check the check box named "Debug Mode" and
- Save the changes by clicking the "Save" button.

The third way is using the command line

- type in the following java -cp ./;./jars/sljni.jar vipr -debug

All the three ways will work.