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Entry #351: Why are all my metrics zero ? ...

Why are all my metrics zero ? ...
Q: - "Why are all my metrics zero when I plot using a new trace file but normal when I plot with an old trace file?".

A: "The expiration time of the connected host's access key has been reached
during the connection. In this case EA/V allows the connection to continue
for complete functionality, except that any new data that arrives after the
expiration will not be stored. This can be confirmed by enabling the full
EA/V logging and observing the message "Data block time is past expiration
date". Once the expired host is disconnected, EA/V will not connect but
will instead issue a message that the (host's) access key has expired."

Note... to enable full EA/V logging, first do an Alt-Shift-D to see the dialog box for the debug switches.

There are two alternatives for EA/V logging. The first is #4: log messages to message window. This is good if you can observe directly. Also there is #2: log messages to application log file. That goes to eav.log, and is good for getting info for further analysis. The eav.log can grow pretty quickly
this way, so don't leave enabled for a long period of time.