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Entry #347: How do I run agentmgr in maximum debug?

How do I run agentmgr in maximum debug?
To run agentmgr in maximum debug mode, please do the following:

1. Log in to unix machine as root

2. Change directories to $FRTLHOME/bin

3. Create a modified slagent script, setting the agentmgr debug option to maximum debug.

cat slagent | sed 's/aflags="-dd"/aflags="-ddd"/' > slagent.aflags

4. Compare the new slagent.aflags script with the slagent script. Only one line should appear as changed.

diff slagent slagent.aflags

The following output should appear:

< aflags="-dd"
> aflags="-ddd"

5. If you do not see the above output, then manually edit the slagent script, and locate where aflags is set. Change aflags to equal "-ddd".

6. Change the attributes of slagent.aflags so that it is executable.

chmod 755 slagent.aflags

7. Stop the SightLine software using the slagent script.

./slagent stop

8. Then start the software using slagent.aflags with the -da option to turn on debug for the agentmgr.

./slagent.aflags -da start

9. The agentmgr is now running in maximum debug.

10. To return to normal mode, use slagent script as usual to stop.

./slagent stop

11. Preserve the log files generated in $FRTLHOME/log before starting software back up in normal mode.

tar cvf logfiles.tar log

12. If the tar file is large, it may also be compressed using gzip.

gzip logfiles.tar

13. Start SightLine software in normal mode.

./slagent start