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Entry #337: Why am I getting a lot of *COMS/TTRAIL/TPLIBRARY files?

Why am I getting a lot of *COMS/TTRAIL/TPLIBRARY files?
ViewPoint turns on the COMS database "Statistics" option so it can collect statistics at the transaction level. This does increase the size of the COMS "transaction trail" (TTrail) files, because COMS stores 26 words of statistical information in the TTrail for each inquiry and update COMS transactions done on the system.

Both ViewPoint and COMS provide a mechanism to back up the TTrail files and remove them from disk.

The COMS feature is the recommended way to manage the TTrail files. To use this feature, go to the COMS Utility window's "Database" menu, and enter "Y" in the "Automatic Copy" field, and the title of a WFL job to be started each time a TTrail file switch takes place in the "Automatic Copy Job Title" field.

For more information, and for details on the required format of the TTrail backup/removal WFL, see Section 5, "Controlling Transaction Trails," sSubsection "Implementing Automatic Backup and Removal," in the "Transaction Server for ClearPath MCP Operations Guide."

If the site is running an older version of COMS that does not have the Automatic Copy feature implemented, you can use a similar feature implemented in the ViewPoint software. To use this feature, you add a "CTL SWITCHWFL" command to the ViewPoint parameter file, which enables you to specify the title of a WFL that will be started each time ViewPoint detects a TTrail file switch.

For more information, including the required format of the switch WFL, see the "CTL SWITCHWFL Command" in the ViewPoint "ClearPath MCP Host Guide."