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Entry #317: How is the ip_forced_idle calculated by TORCH?

How is the ip_forced_idle calculated by TORCH?
The forced idle time is collected by SIP. The parameter name is PERFRM, and is documented on page 19-45 of Exec System Software Administration Reference Manual (7831 0323–016). This raw time is collected for each processor, and divided by the length of the collection period to arrive at a percentage.

Update from Barbara Hart on 9/19/02 as result of ticket #11728:
ip_forced_idle is the time in seconds that the IPs spent in a forced idle state. Torch/SIP takes the SIP value of PERFRM from each IP and divides it by 1000000 to convert it from microseconds to seconds and adds it to ip_forced_idle to get the total time for all processors.

In a Torch report, the user must calculate the percentage by using the following algorithm:
Forced idle percentage = ( ip_forced_idle / # of IP's ) / elapsed time

ip_forced_idle by itself is NOT a percentage as the original FAQ answer implies.