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Entry #285: How do I link a plot to a Word document ?

How do I link a plot to a Word document ?
To link a plot in a Word document, follow these steps:

1) Create the plot and save it.
2) Select Plot | Snap Picture to copy the saved plot file address into the Windows Clipboard.
3) Start the Microsoft Word application and open a new, blank document.
4) In Word, select Edit | Paste Special... to see the Paste Special dialog box.
5) Verify that "Datametrics ViewPoint32 Plot Object" is highlighted; then,
select the Paste link option, and click OK. (The plot will appear in the document.)
6) Save the document.

When the document is opened, the plot will be updated.

NOTE: If the plot is saved in ViewPoint after it is linked, the link will be broken and you will need to repeat the procedure. The document can now be added to the list of scheduled reports.
Plot doesn't print or link is broken.
Broken link.