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Entry #266: How do I enable chat mode for VPTCPCOMM on OpenVMS?

How do I enable chat mode for VPTCPCOMM on OpenVMS?
You might need to enable more verbose output into a log file for the communications process that the collector uses to talk to a PC client on a VP for OpenVMS platform. The steps to do this are as follows:

1. $edit vvp_user:vptcpcomm_login.com

In this file, put the following lines:

$define dscchat_vytcprtns 511
$exit 1

2. Connect from the client.

3. Reference the log file (vptcpcomm_<nodename>.out) from the [viewpoint.logs]
directory for analysis. Once a known event has occurred or enough information on its startup has been logged, the client can then be disconnected because this file can grow quickly.

The steps to stop the process are as follows:

1. Rename or delete the vptcpcomm_login.com file -or- comment out the references to the logical name dscchat_vytcprtns.

2. Restart the client.

Note: Remember that in addition to a log file growing rapidly, any subsequent connections to this particular node will result in more large log files. Please either control the amount of client connections, or rename the vptcpcomm_login.com file after the session used for troubleshooting is established.
More information is needed to analyze the activity and messages for the VPTCPCOM process on an OpenVMS system.