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Entry #260: Can the VP client automatically start tailored apps?

Can the VP client automatically start tailored apps?
Yes, you can configure the ViewPoint client to automatically bring up specific tasks upon startup. For example, you may want a configured Trace File Manager operation or Autoweb to start upon client startup.

To do this, you need to build a startup.cfg file that ViewPoint will use as its startup file to load upon initialization. The method used is to utilize Notepad and enter the file names of the files you want opened. For example:


will tell ViewPoint to open the ViewPoint File Manager for the file1.vfm file you have on disk. Other things, like environments (.VEV files), can be put here as well.

Make sure you have the ViewPoint icon located on your desktop. Right click on the ViewPoint icon, select Properties from the menu, and the ViewPoint Properties dialog box will appear. In the Target field, type in the information you want. For example, to automatically startup the configured startup file, you would have the following entry in the Target field of the ViewPoint Properties dialog box:

c:\vp\vp.exe @c:\vp\startup.cfg

Once the PC is rebooted, you will see this configuration come up, and the file1.vfm box will appear. If you want, you can minimize the file1.vfm file, save it, and restart and it will come up minimized the next time you startup.
Tailored configurations not coming up on client startup.
Configuration is not in startup.