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Entry #234: Why won't AutoWeb allow me to connect to port 80?

Why won't AutoWeb allow me to connect to port 80?
AutoWeb won't allow me to connect to port 80.

The default port for AutoWeb is port 80. If AutoWeb will not connect to port 80, it probably means that there is another application occupying this port (such as Microsoft FrontPage).

Change the port that AutoWeb uses to connect by following these steps:

1. Open the AutoWeb dialog box.
2. Hold the Shift key while left clicking on the Run tab. This will open a dialog box that contains the port to which you are connecting.
3. Change the port to a free port and click OK. Once you have changed the port to which AutoWeb connects, you will need to specify the port that you connect to in your browser. After the URL or IP address of AutoWeb, place a colon (:) followed by the port that you set AutoWeb to run to. For example:

Could not connect to Port 80:

Using ViewPoint to attempt to connect to the port, Port 80 is already in use.
Another application or a second copy of ViewPoint is already using port 80.