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Entry #208: Can I run VisualRoute through a proxy?

Can I run VisualRoute through a proxy?
Not yet if you are using the Microsoft Java VM. Proxy support is built into Java, but the Microsoft Java VM currently does not support this feature. Microsoft has stated that future versions of their Java VM will provide proxy support.

However, most of VisualRoute will work without proxy support provided that your firewall does not block ICMP packets. (ICMP is a protocol that cannot be proxied.)

Regarding the firewall, ask your network administrator if your firewall is configured to allow PING and TRACERT to work. (These use ICMP ECHO packets.) You can test this yourself by running these programs on your computer. For example, try entering the following command:

ping www.visualroute.com

If these programs work okay, then VisualRoute should work just fine on your computer. Otherwise, your firewall will need to be reconfigured by your network administrator before you can use VisualRoute.

Also, VisualRoute uses port 43 to connect to WHOIS servers. Therefore, that port should be opened up if you want to obtain WHOIS information.