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Entry #178: How do I define multiple Capacity Planner workloads(UNIX)?

How do I define multiple Capacity Planner workloads(UNIX)?
In Capacity Planner, a workload consists of multiple "workload types." Each workload type can have multiple "tasks" beneath it. Each task represents CPU consumption.

When you first import the workloads from the ViewPoint trace file, a single workload type, called "System," is created in Capacity Planner. But, within that workload type are several "Tasks," each representing the CPU consumption of a ViewPoint workload type. You can then break these out by creating new Capacity Planner workloads types and "moving" a task to that new type. Breaking up I/O into individual workload types is a bit more difficult, because UNIX does not break up I/Os by ViewPoint workloads. You can move percentages of I/Os from the disks to the new workload types.

After you create your workload types, you can explore what happens if an individual workload type's arrival rate increases.